Uncle Sam

How To Save & Use An Image


Decide where you would like to store your saved images.
I have decided on a desktop folder entitled 'Bogus Bob Images'.
I am using a PC with a Windows XP operating system.


I am using the Firefox Browser. I right click on the image I want to save.
A pop-up menu box appears and I left click on 'Save Image As...'


A dialog box appears - find and open the 'Bogus Bob Images' folder.
You can rename the file (image) but keep the same extension - .png. Click Save.
The file is now safely stored on your computer.


Look how happy Jeff is to be saved by you!


If you want to include an image in the body of your e-mail it is quite easy.
I use Outlook for most of my e-mailing. Other e-mail programs are similar.
Open a new e-mail. Left click on Format and select HTML from the dropdown menu.


When you reach the point in the body of your e-mail where you want to place
an image left click on Insert and select Picture from the dropdown menu.


The Picture dialog box appears. Click Browse... and find the 'Bogus Bob Images' folder.


Click on an image to select it. You will automatically return to the Picture dialog box.


Click on OK


Look how happy Jeff is to be included in your e-mail!



 Bogus Bob