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 Bogus Bob needs a pair of pants
It's true

 Bogus Bob picks a prison name
I had a cool prison name

 Bogus Bob makes a new drinking buddy
My new drinking buddy looks strangely familiar

 Bogus Bob prepares a bar-b-que for a few close friends
I love my new bar-b-que grill

 Bogus Bob on holiday
I am enjoying a holiday in Miami

 Bogus Bob still on holiday
...still enjoying my holiday

 Bogus Bob wakes up from his awesome dream
I finally wake up from my awesome holiday dream

 Bogus Bob has a magnetic personality
I have a magnetic personality

 Bogus Bob catches a dead Osama
Osama returns to the surface of the ocean

 Bogus Bob plays ball
Play ball

 Bogus Bob ate a watermelon seed
Mom was right...
don't eat the watermelon seeds

 Bogus Bob juggles all  four of his balls
I juggle all four of my balls

 Bogus Bob likes Days Inn
Vikings like to stay at Days Inn

 Bogus Bob as a SEAL Team 6 action figure
SEAL Team 6 action figure

 Bogus Bob as a scientist
Changing purple water into green water

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