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 Jesse and I cook up a batch of 'Blue'    President Obama loved his new t-shirt    You don't see these rides much anymore at state fairs

 My 'Pinheads & Patriots' t-shirt finally arrived    My son looks nothing like me    This gal is a bogus Bogus Bob

 Yes... I have my own lane    A jackass on a donkey... or vice versa    This gal eventually tried to choke me

 I was a pioneer in the skin flick business    Dr. Bogus Bob OB/GYN    Some ladies don't like to be seen with a Duff beer drinker

 I actually caused the break-up    I almost left my head on the bus    This trip was a lot of fun

 Walking off our last doughnut    Help!    I'm a big fan of plastic ponchos

 I'm not afraid of a three-legged alligator    Why women live longer than men    I have always been able to make money

 I am not an idiot    Look what I found in this little boy's butt    I almost turned pro

 Charlie sent me this shirt    The make-up artist was quite good    I am so ashamed

 My first job - lifeguard for a neighbor lady    How thick is that glass?    Yikes!

 That's an interesting tattoo    I believe I have stepped in it    Maybe not the absolute last

 Iranian Rage Boy and I go on tour    I just won a pair of gold-plated antlers    We are hunting for some peace and quiet

 Sometimes I like to wear a fancy coat and follow Meg Ryan around    Perhaps    People love to see me ride a bike

 My first Golden Globe    Guess who was eliminated    Gerard Butler was great to work with on Saturday Night Live

 Top dollar lobbyist for the book binding industry    I had to put on a little weight for this role    You get what you pay for

 What a wonderful family I had... before the drought    Running for my life    Stuck in the evolution zoo

 She was a handful    I was Kate Middleton's personal bodyguard    I interviewed Fidel Castro in 1998

 I lost a bet    I walked on the moon    I won a Persian bodybuilding competition in 2010

 I levitate before taking a really, really quick dip... my twin, Big Mouth Bill, observes from the shore    Donate... or else!    Change is good... so is Rush's tea

 Spinning vinyl in high school    Vatican jokster    Whatup mo fos?

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