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 Bonding with my dad    I am broke    Gymnastic dancing burns up a lot of calories

 Where's the cage    Bullfighting while small    Inspector Baulsaque P.I.

 Taking a bath in Saigon    Let me look that up for you    Old age

 My tats    History    Forget about the blood on my shirt

 Taxes    Window shopping    Pant trouble

 It's true    I had a cool prison name    My new drinking buddy looks strangely familiar

 I love my new bar-b-que grill    I am enjoying a holiday  in Miami    ...still enjoying my holiday

 I finally wake up from my awesome holiday dream    I have a magnetic personality    Osama returns to the surface of the ocean

 Play ball    Mom was right... don't eat the watermelon seeds    I juggle all  four of my balls

 Vikings like to stay at Days Inn    SEAL Team 6 action figure    Changing purple water into green water

 Making fun of myself    Childhood friends    Posing for a magazine ad

 I'm lost    I once worked at KFC    Whatup dog?

 I have a vivid imagination    I like parades    Some ladies don't like me

 I like Rush's Two If By Tea - 44 not so much    Mom always made sure I was safe    I was framed

 McDonald's is good    I'm not a wiener    Computers changed us

 I had to go away for a short time    I was short as a child - and black!    Winner!

 I had to get a shot of her (or him)    Two ways to hold on    Showing off

 Salt of the earth    I am proud to serve my country    Hangin' with my homies

 I like to stay in shape    Week-end cowboy    Practicing some extreme ironing

 Auditioning for Swan Lake    I was bad    I like Sarah

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